Shark fin and mobulid ray gill plate trade in mainland China, HongKong and Taiwan

Joyce Wu

This report was made possible with financial support from an anonymous donor, while the Wildlife
Conservation Society (WCS) helped support the administration of the grant.

Many people provided support to this report. The author would like to express thanks to all those who helped to make this report possible by providing advice as well as sharing their knowledge on the subject.

The author gratefully acknowledges the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, Hong
Kong SAR, Stan Shea from Bloom Association in Hong Kong, and many traders and shopkeepers in
mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan for providing information. The author would also like to
thank Yu Xiao and Ling Xu from TRAFFIC for their help with the market survey and data collection,
as well as Andy Cornish from WWF International and Erika Reuter from WCS for their review of the
draft report.

The author would especially like to thank the reviewers from TRAFFIC: Glenn Sant, Yannick Kuehl,
Richard Thomas, Julie Gray, Wilson Lau, Ling Xu and Fei Zhou for their comments and advice on
improving draft versions of this report, as well as Sean Lam and Rita Chang for their great support.