Campaign Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant

Title: Campaign Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant
Duration: Dec 2020 – Jan 2020
Report to: TRAFFIC China Project Manager
TRAFFIC is the leading non-governmental organization working globally on trade in wild animals and plants in the context of both biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. TRAFFIC China takes the protection of medicinal fauna and flora as the starting point, cooperates with relevant government authorities, practitioners, academia, and enterprises, and strives to promote sustainable utilization of natural resources while effectively combating illegal wildlife trade (IWT). TRAFFIC China emphasizes its warning role against IWT and its professional function in social behaviour change. Through regular market research, TRAFFIC is actively cooperating with wildlife law enforcement agencies to call for actions and carry out capacity building trainings. Via scientifically designed consumer research, TRAFFIC is driving the targeted campaigns for demand reduction and responsible consumption. Through the various work carried out in China, the TRAFFIC China hopes to explore approaches to stop IWT, ensure the sustainable use of wildlife resources and secure biodiversity, and work with various organizations domestically and internationally for biodiversity conservation. 
The EU funded project “China’s Champions of Change—Addressing the Demand for Illegal Wildlife Products” aims to support China-EU efforts in tackling wildlife trafficking by undertaking awareness-raising and communications activities targeting Chinese actors in a position to reduce demand for illegal threatened species products, specifically for pangolin, and promote responsible consumption of rosewood (Dalbergia spp.) products. This action consequently adopts evidence based Social and Behavioural Change Communications (SBCC) materials to enable consumers to make more informed choices about which wildlife products they are buying, thereby contributing to reduced trafficking of wildlife.
Major Responsibilities:
Under the supervision of the Project Manager, the consultant works closely with the team and TRAFFIC GLO, and addresses all aspects of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) for EU-funded pangolin and rosewood campaigns in China.
Communicate with project partners, including WWF China, communication agencies, and stakeholders and act as the key contact person on appropriate issues addressing M&E with support from TRAFFIC staff.
Understand the EU-funded pangolin demand reduction campaign and rosewood responsible consumption campaign driven by TRAFFIC and WWF in China,and form applicable request to campaign implementors/agencies for information needed in M&E.
Extract necessary information &/or data for campaign evaluation.
Evaluate the effectiveness and influence of the pangolin and rosewood campaigns, assess whether the campaigns have met the goals of demand reductio and responsible consumption, provide doable recommendations for project implementation and future SBCC campaigns, and form a report. 
The candidate needs to have advanced knowledge of Social Behaviour Change Communication (SBCC) theory and its application in China and internationally.
Up-to-date experience of SBCC practice is required. Experiences of SBCC campaigns in biodiversity conservation field is preferred.
Experience of project management, monitoring and evaluation is required.
Good understanding of international NGO operations is required.
Good knowledge of biodiversity, advertising, and psychology would be preferred.
CONTACT:  Please send your resume and a cover letter (in both Chinese and English) to:, by 5 December 2020.